The fifth quarter of the life of the poison - 1
Walter orchestrated a big bang, get rid of the long-standing threat to Gustavo Fring, Gustavo Fring will also set up a hand drug Empire uprooted. But the cause of the success did not bring much happiness to Walter, because the relationship between him and his wife once again fell to the freezing point. Walter although the greatest threat to get rid of, but his ambition does not disappear, he teamed up with Jesse Pinkman Saul and Goodman Jesse, began to build their own new empire. Occasionally, Hank Schrader in the Walter family found conclusive evidence is the Walter of Heisenberg, under a huge blow, he decided to shut down. At the same time, a new force in the drug cycle is gradually growing, they are about to become the most powerful enemy of Schrader Hank.
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