Blair Witch  [ 追杀厄夜丛林(台),死亡习作:咒怨森林(港),邪林,树林,The Woods ]

Accounting. James (James Allen McCune decoration) is a college student, his sister 20 years ago in the Black Forest mysterious disappearance still missing, he believed the mountains sister's disappearance and black local Blair Witch legend, one day, in accounting. James Internet found some strange video is believed to be his sister left the video, and called on his four friends go with black forest, at night, they encounter a strange event, changes in forest terrain, strange symbols branches, looming ghost Movies, they found the Blair witch legend is more terrible than they imagined, and more dangerous.

Genre : Thriller, Horror,

Region : United States

Release : 2016-09-16 (United States), 2016-09-11 (Toronto Film Festival)

Language : English

Titles : Blair Witch, 追杀厄夜丛林(台),死亡习作:咒怨森林(港),邪林,树林,The Woods,Blair Witch

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