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Super sense of hunting (Sense8) by a one-time release of Netflix in Beijing June 6, 2015. The play tells the story of eight strangers from different countries and cultural backgrounds, because of a mysterious event suddenly find they are connected to each other. On the one hand, there are these mysterious people who want eight men together; on the other hand, a mysterious organization also allows all means to kill them. Eight people from different countries and regions of the world experienced a strange murder, they found on their psychological and emotional difficult to explain that there is a ”sense” that they have direct access to the depths of the soul of any one person, learn their secrets ; they can dialogue with any one person in any one place, not only can know what is happening now, but also can predict the future, so that through them special abilities, only escaped a bizarre time to kill.

Genre : Science fiction, drama, action, drama,

Region : United States

Director : Andy Wachowski

Cast : Alfonso Herrera, Bae Doona, Christian • Oliver, Max Lei Maite, Tuppence Middleton

Release : 2016

: English

Titles : Sense8,Sense8

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