Attack on Titan live version: End of The World - Part Two - 2 [ N/A进击的巨人真人版:后篇·世界终结 ]

N / A I do not know long ago, around the world there has been specialized human hunting giant, eventually leading to the emergence of a terrible natural enemy of human civilization decline and push down. In order to prevent the giant endless hunting, humanity will build three walls protected themselves, the case passed a hundred years time. Juvenile Allen (Miura Haruma ornaments) tired of being imprisoned in the day, one day he encouraged partner Mikasa Ackerman (Kiko Mizuhara ornaments) and Amin Arnold (Kanata Hongō ornaments) tries to dig out the wall, who known to have witnessed the super giant breaking walls and giant crazy influx of countless terrible scene. All of a sudden quiet and peaceful city into a giant hunting grounds, Allen et al., Witnessed the unforgettable bloody scene. Amin added two years Hou Ailun and investigation corps, and was about to leave along with his comrades repair facades, regain occupied land. This is bound to be a very dangerous journey ......

Genre : Action , Sci-Fi , Thriller,

Region : Japan

Director : Shinji Higuchi

Cast : Miura Haruma / Hiroki Hasegawa / Kiko Mizuhara / Kanata Hongō / Takahiro Miura / Nanami Sakuraba / Matsuo encyclical / Ishihara Satomi / Pierre Taki / Jun Kunimura / Shu Watanabe / Mizusaki Aya female / Rina Takeda

Release : 2015

: Japanese

Titles : Attack on Titan live version: End of The World - Part Two,N/A进击的巨人真人版:后篇·世界终结,進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN エンド オブ ザ ワールド

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