Aircraft general mobilization

Over the vast expanse of the farm crop duster dust (Dane Cook Dane Cook) wanted to enter the competition venue. On weekdays, his friend Chuck pesticide spraying vehicle (Brad Garnett Brad Garrett voice) coach and technician positions, the dust will of their own conditions on the farm near rapid flight, so no less by the car repair Dottie (Terry Hatcher Teri Hatcher dubbing) the nurse, he decided to enroll in the qualifying tournament of the world wing. The dust is extremely fortunate through qualifying, but also aware of their professional and match by air gap, so please legend had shot down 50 enemy aircraft retired fighter Captain (Stacey keesee Stacy Keach voice) as his coach. Although acrophobia always cannot be overcome, but the dust finally do so standing on the starting line.

Genre : Comedy, animation, adventure,

Region : U.S.A

Release : 2013-08-09 (United States)

Language : English

Titles : Aircraft general mobilization,Planes

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