the walking dead season 1 (Thai Sub) - 1 [ 行尸走肉第一季 ]

The town sheriff Rick Grimes were shot in a raid, when he woke up from a coma, found a small town on the sullen, dead bodies everywhere. What is more frightening is that some dead walk in the streets and lanes, bloodthirsty, has already turned into a horrible zombie. From the mouth of a pair of surviving father and son that a large number of survivors have been evacuated to the city of Atlanta. In order to find the missing wife and children, Rick alone on the road. However, Atlanta has already occupied a city of the dead zombies in an absolute dominance. Rick was besieged by several zombie survivors, after some struggling to fight, they eventually return to the field camp. [4] in the camp, Rick and his wife and children again, and his brother Sean, and a group of survivors of the camp.

Genre : Plot, terror, disaster,

Region : U.S.A

Director : Frank Darabont

Cast : Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Joe Norman Reedus, Steven, yuan.

Release : Two thousand and ten

: English

Titles : the walking dead season 1 (Thai Sub),行尸走肉第一季,阴尸路

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