Saw 2  [ Saw 2 ]

"Saw 2" (English: SAW II) is a 2005 horror film, 2004 release of "Saw" Episode 2, from October 28, 2005 release in most parts of the world, only Australia Night released in December 1, 2005. The whole film except for some location, almost in the same building, filming lasted 25 days. This sequel directed by Darren Liam · Busmann over shooting and screenwriter Leigh Vonarx co-authored the screenplay. The film still set lead before the "Jigsaw killer" features, although the protagonist is arrested by the police, but he still let the police arrest him into his trap design, a "game" while the other eight victims. The film revealed the untold story behind the protagonist, he explains why he became a continuous killer reasons.

Genre : Horror [Thai Dub],

Region : United States

Release : 2005

Language : English

Titles : Saw 2,Saw 2 ,SAW II

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