Saw VI  [ 电锯惊魂6 ]

"Saw VI" (English: Saw VI) is Part 6 of the Saw series of films. The film on March 30, 2009 began shooting, October 22, 2009 began to be released in Australia and New Zealand, the next release in theaters in North America. The film is Saw series, describe the effect of "jigsaw killer" after death, and his successor, Mark Hoffman (Mark Hoffman) development 3 steps in Part 2 of the movie. When the FBI investigation "jigsaw killer" accomplice suspect, Peter Strahm (Peter Strahm) when Hoffman is director of an insurance company to set a new trap. The movie with the then US government attempts to reform the health care system are associated.

Genre : Horror [Thai Dub],

Region : United States

Release : 2009

Language : English

Titles : Saw VI,电锯惊魂6,Saw VI

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