The Good Dinosaur  [ The Good Dinosaur ]

65 million years ago, an asteroid with the Earth pass, dominate the world of dinosaurs muddle escaped disaster. And later for millions of years, dinosaurs have evolved intelligence, they learn planting, animal husbandry, building, and have their own language and families. At the foot of a mountain plains, a brontosaurus ushered three different character dolls, the smallest Arlo (Raymond Ochoa Ray mond Ochoa Dub) weak timid, parting with his father in his heart more cast an indelible shadow. After a series of events, with his mother, brother, sister, separated by thousands of miles. All these are attributed to Alor hominids little kids (Jack Jack Bright Bright dubbing). But little seemed unmoved, he offered Alor close, as if a brave and loyal dog. On the way home is full of ups and downs and dangerous, with little Alor go hand in hand, and the two should not meet dinosaurs and humans, it would have concluded that transcends race and time and space pure friendship ......

Genre : Comedy , Animation , Family , Adventure [Thai Dub],

Region : United States

Director : Peter Sun

Cast : Raymond Ochoa / Jack Bright / Jeffrey Wright / Steve Cien / A · J · Buckley

Release : 2015

: English

Titles : The Good Dinosaur,The Good Dinosaur,美好的恐龙世界

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