Ip Man 3  [ Yip Man 3,Ip Man 3 ]

Has been based in Hong Kong opened Ip Man (Donnie Yen ornaments) and his wife Zhang Yongcheng (Lynn ornaments) to live in peace, only children are attending primary school cotyledons occurred rogue nuisance event, it is involved in trouble proud Tian Shan (Bryan Leung ornaments) Archive Ma Sheng apprentice whale (Patrick Tam ornaments). So Yip Man led the disciples Xu Li (Louis Cheung ornaments), who protected Huang (Karena Ng ornaments), the principal (Tats Lau ornaments) as well as all the pupils, and met the same Yongchun successor coachman Zhang Tian Chi (Zhang Jin ornaments), di people sympathetic. But the event did not stop there, Ma Sheng whale owner (Mike Tyson ornaments) is behind, Detective Po (Kent Cheng ornaments) is also involved in it, at the same time, Zhang Tian Ye ask launched ambition who is the ”authentic Yongchun” challenge Ye ask how to fight?

Genre : Drama, action, biography, history,

Region : China, Hong Kong

Release : 2016-03-04 (mainland China), 2015-12-24 (Hong Kong)

Language : Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Titles : Ip Man 3,Yip Man 3,Ip Man 3,叶问3

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