The Incredible Hulk  [ The Incredible Hulk ]

Gao Hua University variation in the experience repeats itself, also wanted on military around in my mind, scientist Bruce Banner (Edward Norton Edward Norton decoration) in such a nightmare in Brazil while controlling the body gamma radiation bring abnormalities, while efforts to Mr. blue and New York to find a solution. Soda production plant in the day he accidentally cut your fingers, let the blood drip into the bottle, exported to the United States this bottle of soda revealing his whereabouts. The US military exhausted his ability to hunt, eager to win the British also recruited Perak General Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth Tim Roth ornaments). Cornered the Bruce transformed into the Hulk, Emil and other soldiers were very surprised. To personally Qinzhu Bruce, Emil recommend to their genetic variation can inject samples. Bruce met old girlfriend Betty Ross (Liv Tyler Liv Tyler ornaments) in the US occult, Betty hesitate to stand by him, but found that she has to make his body Hulk stable force. Emil win there have been blinded by his extremely aggressive plus US military wants to use Bruce body can vary as determined brutality, a war has been inevitable.

Genre : Action , Sci-Fi , Thriller [Thai Dub],

Region : United States

Director : Louis Leterrier

Cast : Edward Norton / Liv Tyler / Tim Ross / William Hurt / Tim Blake Nelson

Release : 2008

: English / Portuguese / Spanish

Subtitles : Simplified Chinese,Simplified Chinese,Simplified Chinese

Titles : The Incredible Hulk,The Incredible Hulk,新变形侠医

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