Code Name: Geronimo  [ 猎杀拉登(港),突袭乌萨马本拉登,Code Name: Geronimo ]

Since 9/11, the US government and rival Osama bin Laden launched a protracted chase. After two George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden is still at large, like a ghost mystery haunt the mountains and deserts of the Middle East into the wilderness. With the Obama administration took office, a new round of war against the Taliban fighter Al Qaeda launched shortly. Former CIA chasing al-Qaeda’s liaison officer ”messenger”, a step by step approach cunning alert Osama bin Laden. At the same time, mule, glamorous, cherry, etc. SEAL Team Six members of the escort to walk two terrorists in the mountains of Afghanistan, the result was a sudden attack. Soon after, the group lost comrades in the attack bloody man received a top-secret mission, quickly set off a siege of an important figure in al-Qaida.

Genre : Drama, action, crime,

Region : United States

Director : John Stockwell

Cast : · Keim Gigant wear, William Fichtner, Robert Knepper, Kathleen Robertson, Anson Montt, Freddy Rodriguez, Eddie Kaye Thomas

Release : 2012-11-04 (USA)

: English

Titles : Code Name: Geronimo, 猎杀拉登(港),突袭乌萨马本拉登,Code Name: Geronimo,Seal Team 6: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden

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