Kick-ass  [ 劲揪侠(港),特攻联盟(台),超屌侠 ]

Dave Leatherman Chomsky (Aaron Johnson Aaron Johnson ornaments) and all ordinary boy, like a dream that one day can become a superhero, but he put himself in this dream into a reality. After the online purchase of a cheap green leotard, Dave began action to combat crime alone. Although the first action will let Dave was seriously wounded, but Dave is not a quitter, Dave stop fighting at once, was found shot and enthusiastic crowd after injury, after about superheroes. ” kick-ass, ”the story will be spread throughout the city. Become legendary superhero superhero daughter of Dave Meet ”big father” (Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage ornaments) and ”overkill Girl” (Chloe Moretz Chloe Moretz ornaments) in an operation, after Dave was drug lords Group boss Frank Amick (Mark Strong Mark Strong ornaments) disguised as the son of a hero ”red Tornado” (Christoph Metz - Placer Christopher Mintz-Plasse decorated) use, so that the ”big father ...

Genre : Action, Thriller, Crime,

Region : US, UK

Director : Matthew Vaughn

Cast : Aaron Taylor - Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Metz - Placer, Mark Strong, Linde Xi · Fonseca, Evan Peters , Clark Duke, Deborah Tevez, Garrett M. Brown, Sophie Wu

Release : 2010-04-16

: English

Titles : Kick-ass, 劲揪侠(港),特攻联盟(台),超屌侠,Kick-Ass

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