Captain America  [ 复仇者先锋 ]

In the 1940s, the Nazis and the Axis of Evil battle fire all over every corner of the world. Little man living in Brooklyn Steve Rogers (Chris Evans Chris Evans ornaments) heart of the country, as one battle the enemy, but the worst physique so that he always rejected conscription office. By chance, the German-born scientist Dr. King Erskine (Stanley Tucci decorated) with the help of this little boy to be into the barracks and accept Dr. trials incarnation became tall and strong, brawn extraordinary super soldier. Meanwhile, the German Nazi Red Skull’s army chief, John Schmidt (Hugo Weaving Hugo Weaving ornaments) rely on supernatural powers to establish a super team in an attempt to dominate the world.

Genre : Action, sci-fi, adventure,

Region : United States

Release : 2011-09-09 (Chinese mainland), 2011-07-19 (California premiere), 2011-07-22 (United States)

Language : English, Norwegian, French

Titles : Captain America, 复仇者先锋,Captain America: The First Avenger

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