28-year-old minors  [ 二十八岁未成年,Suddenly Seventeen ]

However, this time the cat is preparing for what the company's second round of financing, the time to think twice cool summer some small taste, can be said to be disgusted, made a break. When cool summer break due to cat sad stricken, eating chocolate magic, let the mind back to 17-year-old summer cool, cool summer for a small cat's indifference and her young mind, let the cat has kindled for her interest, mounted on a large body of little cool summer cool summer because occasional love with Yan Yan (Wang mainland ornaments).

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Fantasy,

Region : China Mainland

Release : 2016-12-09 (mainland China)

Language : Mandarin

Titles : 28-year-old minors, 二十八岁未成年,Suddenly Seventeen,28岁未成年

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