Saw 3D  [ Saw 3D ]

"Saw 3D" (English: Saw 3D), is a 2010 release of 3D horror film, the film is Saw Part 7 of this series, but also the final Saw movie series, and 7 the only focus on a 3D movie. Although there were plans to begin shooting Episode 8, but the final decision will be for this series Saw 3D last film, but the idea Saw 8 will also be used Saw 3D. Saw 5 David Hackl original director was assigned as the director of this episode, but two weeks before the shooting, but Lionsgate announcement invitation sixth episode of director Kevin Greutert, will serve as director of this episode. Then to be converted to 3D after from February 2010 to April in Toronto with SI-3D digital photography photography system, rather than using conventional photography system in stages. Saw 3D was originally scheduled release in October 22, 2010, but the release date of the final decision of October 29, 2010 after a week.

Genre : Horror [Thai Dub],

Region : United States

Release : 2010

Language : English

Titles : Saw 3D,Saw 3D,Saw 3D

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