Arrest warrant  [ Wanted ]

Living on a small staff of Wesley (James McAvoy ornaments) is meaningless repetition, every day to put obesity nagging boss, friends and his girlfriend went to bed, but also non-stop use of drugs to control the rapid heartbeat. That day he was rescued from a strange woman mad gunman to kill the assassin Union into the world, the savior Firefox (Angelina Jolie ornaments) and the Union leadership Sloan (Morgan Freeman ornaments) inform Wesley then abandoned his father also organized a recently killed as a traitor cross, Wesley must grow in the harsh training as soon as possible, in order to protect themselves, even to avenge his father. Wanted originated in the textile guilds, they decided to kill the object by a password provided by the textile machine, which conform to fate. Wesley quickly by virtue of superior talent to master a series of assassination has become an organization, starting the task entrusted to fate, revenge and gradually approaching to cross the goal, finally, make Wesley Sloan went to Eastern Europe to assassinate the cross, but in this mission in Wesley accidentally discovered a conspiracy within the organization, and this time, he is no longer with escape to solve the problem. The film won the 2009 British Empire Film Award for best science fiction fantasy film award.

Genre : Action , Thriller , Crime,

Region : United States

Director : Timo Beikemanbei Akhmetov

Cast : James McAvoy / Morgan Freeman / Angelina Jolie / Terence Stamp / Thomas Kretschmann

Release : 110 minutes

: English

Titles : Arrest warrant,Wanted ,通缉犯

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