Sausage Party  [ 香肠派对 Sausage Party ]

The story takes place in a large supermarket being in between the display in this commodity, circulating an ancient legend, a date, who named "customer" God will show up here to take you home, Since you will board the pinnacle of life, enjoy the supreme glory. Sausage Frank (Seth Rogen Seth Rogen voice) and his girlfriend, hot dog buns Brenda (Kristen Wiig Kristen Vegh dubbing) greatest wish is to be with a customer to buy a home, so that parties can live the coveted "fit" life. However, once a bottle has been returned to the customer after bought supermarket honey mustard (Danny McBride Danny McBride Snyder Dub) has revealed the truth of the matter, that is, what God does not exist, and no heaven , waiting for them, some only cruel devouring flesh and blood separation. In order to verify if the honey mustard, Frank found a mysterious tequila (Bill Hader Bill Harder Dub), at the same time, because of accidents dropped to roll shelf elsewhere Brenda has the same experience and donuts Sa meters (Edward Norton Edward Norton dubbing), Armenian bread Lawa Xi (David Crewe Hall Benitez David Krumholtz dubbing) together to find their way home.

Genre : Comedy , Animation , Adventure [Thai subtitles],

Region : United States

Director : Conrad Vernon / Greg Thiemann

Cast : Seth Rogen / Kristen Vegh / James Franco / Jonah Hill / Edward Norton

Release : 2016

: English

Titles : Sausage Party,香肠派对 Sausage Party,食物总动员

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