Troy  [ 特洛伊:木马屠城 ]

Romantic spectacular, the introduction of reveries of the ancient legend of the gods of love and hate between humans and Greece, Olympia man talked about so far, and in this one, the war of Troy Homer’s ”Iliad” is recorded later playwright and the audience repeatedly interpretation of classic works. When the occasion of the Trojan prince Paris (Orlando Bloom Orlando Bloom ornaments) by the Greek king of Sparta was invited to dinner, but a crush on the king’s wife, Helen (Diane Kruger Diane Kruger ornaments), the other party pour Allure of the country so that he can not own appearance, Helen ordered back to their country. The move sparked outrage in Greece Asian countries in Mycenaean king Ajia door Lennon (Brian Cox Brian Cox ornaments) call, a strong coalition mighty Troy to advance. In the ensuing decade-long war, Achilles (Brad Pitt Brad Pitt ornaments), Odysseus (Sean Bean Sean Bean ornaments), Hector (Eric Bana eric Bana ornaments) and so each hero succeed Kennedy, wrote a very touching but distraught regret legendary epic ......

Genre : Action, romance, ,

Region : United States, Malta, United Kingdom

Director : Wolfgang Petersen

Cast : Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Orlando Bloom, Julian Glover, Brian Cox, Nathan Jones, Eric Bana, Jacob Smith , Rose Byrne, Peter O’Toole

Release : 2004-06-12 (mainland China), 2004-05-14 (United States)

: English

Subtitles : Thai,Indonesian,Malaysian,English,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese

Titles : Troy, 特洛伊:木马屠城,Troy

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