Toy Story That Time Forgot  [ Toy Story That Time Forgot ]

Another year coming Christmas, the Christmas tree placed in Bonnie's room and playing partners, and small toys are happy to play host, but Triceratops Choi Sin (Kristen Funchal Kristen Schaal voice) seems to own not to be viewed as a dinosaur more than a dissatisfaction. Awhile, mom wants to go to Bonnie Mason holiday home, Bonnie hastily Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Cui Qian and new Angel Kitty cat stuffed package after departure. The Mason family, Bonnie was surprised to find this boy is indulging in video games, after a brief hesitation, she put the bags thrown into the Mason's toy room. Woody They crawled out and found that there seems to be a long-lost world of toys. Not long before, they all entered a kingdom of warriors from dinosaurs. Soldiers with dinosaurs General (Kevin Michael Kidd Kevin McKidd dubbing), led by mind only fight and aggression seems to have forgotten the mission as a toy. Cui Qian They even been forced to participate in gladiatorial fight ......

Genre : Animation , Short [Thai Dub],

Region : United States

Director : Steve Purcell

Cast : Tom Hanks / Tim Allen / Kristen Funchal / Kevin Michael Kidd / Emily Hahn

Release : 2014

: English

Titles : Toy Story That Time Forgot,Toy Story That Time Forgot,玩具总动员:被遗忘的时光

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